Numerology Prediction Based on Date of Birth

Numerology is the science of numbers and alphabets and their connection to the planets or in order words, we can say that it is the study of the occult meaning of numbers and their influence on human life. And for the eons of time, many people have studied and researched the applications of numerology with names and numbers. We are ruled by when we are born on a specific date and time and that time and place have an ever lasting effect on your entire life, as does your name. Numerology Prediction puts numbers to your name and your birth and through a series of calculations can determine many things about you, help to predict your future, and even answered the questions about your past.


Numerology Prediction


Importance of Numerology Prediction By Date of Birth

Generally, the date of birth is something that one cannot change themselves. You have to live with the predictions and unique traits that you have based on your date of birth. That is why Numerology Prediction Based on Date of Birth is so important and also fascinating for all. Based on the analysis of your date of birth following factors are determined;

  • Your day number
  • Your ruling number
  • Your birth number
  • Your life path number etc.

And these are used for gaining a general understanding of your personality. These details are also used to analyze your full potential and the areas where you need to focus on for improving the quality of your life.


Numerology Prediction Based on Date of Birth


How Birth Number And life Path Number Can Be Determined

Online Numerology evaluates the date of birth of the person and looks at the root cause of all his struggle or all the problems he is having. For your career, relationship or health, there is always a root cause for this in your numbers.

Numerology determines the birth number: The birth number of a person is the sum total of the date they born. For example 22nd January then the birth number of this person would be 4.

Numerology also determines the life path number: This is the sum total of a person date, month and year of birth. For example, 22nd Oct 2003 the then birth number would be number 4 and life path would be number 1.

The Best Numerology Expert in India rely on birth information for getting at the most accurate predictions based on calculations of these numbers as per the rules and regulations of analysis laid down by Numerologists during ancient times.


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